Let's face it -- if you want to master BaconFest 2016, you're going to need to do a little training. Or, at least, that's what the guys at Article 15 believe.

We've teamed up with J.T. and Rocco for the ultimate bacon eating challenge as stomach training for the state's biggest bacon festival. Each week, between now and BaconFest on April 17, we're hitting some of El Paso's finest eateries to see if they can make J.T. and Rocco cry 'uncle.'

This week, we stopped by The Garden, where they have devised the Texas Bacon Sushi Roll -- the longest sushi roll in the state, and J.T.'s and Rocco's first challenge.

Take a look at that monster of deliciousness. Could they possibly eat the whole thing themselves? How much puke will be involved? And how much green St. Patrick's Day beer will they have to drink to forget about what they're doing to themselves.

Deliciousness -- BUT AT WHAT COST?  #EPBaconFest

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