Bacon kind of goes well with everything, right? Is that not the beauty of bacon?

This week, Brandon joins the Article 15 crew as they tackle their last Extreme Bacon Challenge on the way to the 2016 Sun City BaconFest, this Sunday, April 17. Brandon's finally putting his big mouth to use for something other than yelling at Buzz. This past Wednesday at Crave Kitchen & Bar on Rojas, it was time to choke (down) some chicken.

Bacon-wrapped Monster Wings sound like some kind of Dungeons & Dragons meal, but they taste like a baby's dream wrapped in a unicorn's rainbow. The goal? To nosh 15 of these monstrosities within a 15:00 time period. OR to at least eat their plate of wings before the other guys finish theirs.

But then, on top of that, there was dessert, as well. Fried bacon oreos, to be exact.

IF you want to try the challenge, you can. Just go to Crave, order the challenge, and if you're successful, you'll get a free dessert. You're welcome.

If you're dying to try the fried bacon oreos (spoiler alert: you should be), make sure you come to BaconFest in Union Plaza on Sunday.

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