It's the third week now of our Extreme Bacon Challenge, and of course we were going to get around to bacon burgers.

Independent Burger loaded up the Article 15 crew with 50 sliders -- except they were probably closer to baby burgers than sliders. As the guy who films this stuff, let me say that this was -- by far -- the hardest challenge. For me, I mean. Because all I wanted to do was grab those little sliders right off the platters and start downing them like the Rapture was coming.

It's hard to know if downing a bottle of whiskey prior to the challenge had any effect on our challengers. J.T. seemed to be having a particularly loopy day of it. Next Wednesday, April 6, we're at Nona's on N. Mesa St. at 6 p.m.

The video above is the full director's cut of this week's challenge. A shorter one can be found on our Facebook page.

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