I really, realllly like slow motion video!

From critical sports plays, car and motorcycle stunts and epic human "fails", to bouncing boobies; slow motion video is the shizzle!  Ok, ok ...... I'll link to a bouncing booby vid for you.

Now, someone has turned our friend the slo - mo camera on a tattooist at work.  Watch this guy get inked in slow and ultra slow motion!  The film was shot at the Guet studio in Paris where they've done some pretty cool stuff, including 3-D tattoos.  Those shaded so that the tattoo look like it's raised above the skin surface in places.  Or sunken into it ... whichever.

'Ya wanna see more cool tattoos?   Check out some of the tatts we found last year at Balloonfest 2013.

I can't wait to see what we find out at Wet n Wild this year during Balloonfest 2014!

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