Shinedown will be headlining the 2013 Carnival of Madness. To celebrate, chat with lead singer, Brent Smith. Due to the overwhelming number of fans trying to sign in, the server crashed. Luckily, this will still happen tomorrow!

Today was the huge announcement for the bands rocking this year's Carnival of Madness. In case you haven't heard, it will be Shinedown, Papa Roach, Skillet, In This Moment and We As Humans!

I guess El Paso was lucky back in April since we got to rock out with two of the bands before this anouncement. If you didn't get to meet the gorgeous Brent Smith then your in luck! Tomorrow at 5 p.m. you can sign in to a virtual meet and greet!

Just make sure to keep checking Shinedown's and Brent Smith's twitter pages to see how they are going to make it happen this time.

If you want to keep up with all the madness, signed up for the Carnival of Madness newsletter!

Brent Smith will tell you more below!

He apologizes for today's technical difficulties here!