The pandemic forced some of us to learn new things and figure out a plan B to still enjoy the things we love. It was barely this year that my parents learned how to video chat which they had never done before.

Since the summer there have been people coming up with ideas for events that still follow the safety protocols. The drive-thru concerts held at the County Coliseum was your way of escaping home for some fun.

Well, now that we are quickly approaching Christmas, Santa must continue his annual duty.

Santa Claus wasn't going to let the kids or some of the adults down. Your child can still meet and greet and sneak in some last-minute gifts that didn't make it on their letter, to Santa. Except since it is all about keeping everyone safe, there's been a change to the process. Now to get your pictures with Santa you must be sure to schedule a reservation in advance.

Of course, remember to wear your fashionable mask since wearing a mask is mandatory. Also, something else that we've had to say goodbye to is sitting on Santa's lap for the picture.

Instead, they will have Santa standing (at the appropriate distance) behind a bench that your child/children will sit on. I went back to an old memory I have about sitting on Santa's lap and not when I was a child. As a grown adult I got together with my radio brothers from work to take a picture with Santa.

You can tell we had a lot of fun with it from my picture evidence below.

If you haven't or already have visited Santa, share it in the poll below.

Pictures with Santa

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