There is a 3-year-old from El Paso that had her wish come true last weekend. The young girl sure won over Tommy Vext's heart with the surprises she bought him.

The little girl decided to show up at Rockhouse Bar and Grill with flowers and donuts for her favorite singer.

Tommy Vext stepped off his tour bus to meet and greet the mom and her daughter outside and thank them for the sweet gifts. Not only that, he even picked up the little girl to pose in front of the camera for a picture.

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It is unsure what was said but one thing for sure is Vext made this little girl's wish come true. Not only did this meet and greet bring joy to the little girl, but it also brought joy to the vocalist.

Vext had mentioned on a Facebook post just how happy he was to see a kid and their parent connect through music.

I bet the little girl and her mom were on cloud 9 after meeting and taking a picture with Vext. It was so cute to see how Vext picked up the little girl to have their picture taken.

Usually, not many musicians meet the fans that bring them little gifts or treats.

One thing that is for sure is Tommy Vext was certainly pleased with his fans in El Paso. If you follow Tommy Vext on Facebook then you know what I am talking about.

He not only shared his meet and greet with the 3-year-old but also a picture of another El Pasoan because of his shirt that caught his attention. The little girl sure is lucky because she will get to say she was held in Vext's arms when she grows up.

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