Since Covid-19 entered the Borderland we've seen nothing but trouble from the start. This pandemic had so many problems come about that have affected us financially and most of all emotionally. Covid-19 is the reason behind so many deaths that are still occurring nationwide. It is scary as hell because we are already in phase 3 with the same regulations. The El Paso County Public Health hopes you ensure that you continue washing your hands, wear a mask, and practice social distancing. Slowly places are starting to open up and shows are beginning to go on. A friend of mine went to a comedy club in Texas to see a well-known American stand-up comedian.

On his Instagram story, he shared his location, his front-row seat, and his meet and greet. The last picture he shared was of him and the comedian not following regulations about face masks or social distancing. I was stunned to see my friend and the comedian really close together without face masks. Then again I also thought if it were Chino Moreno, would I throw regulations out the window? Eh, more than likely no. I understand everyone is entitled to a free get out of jail card, but unsure if this would be legit enough to even get in trouble for. Now there will be a group of people who say my friend and the comedian are acting carelessly and in the wrong. While the other group that will see 2 humans showing some affection.  Right now during these times, everyone could use a big bear hug.

In March, I recall a certain meet and greet being called off because of Covid-19. It was March 9th, when KISS was performing at the Don Haskins Center. The band had canceled meet and greets but still kept their plans to let the show go on. Answer truthfully about the selfie you would take if you spotted a celebrity close by below.

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