People are concerned about Vince Neil after a paid fan Cameo video from the Motley Crue singer shows him slurring his words. Motley Crue angered a lot of fans when they announced they were heading back out on tour, even after they signed an agreement saying they wouldn't go out on tour together again. While some fans are merely upset they spent so much money to see them "for the last time, " others are worried the band won't be at their tip-top shape for this tour. Now, this Cameo video of Vince has gone viral and many now believe that is a serious worry for the new tour.

Cameo is a video-sharing website where fans can purchase personalized videos from some of their favorite stars. The list of participating celebrities continues to grow and some of their Cameo videos have gone viral in the past. Now, a video of Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil is going viral but unfortunately not for a good reason. The real question is- is Vince drunk in this video? Fans have been sharing the video where Vince can be seen slurring his words and messing up what he means to say to this fan who shelled out $400 to get this less than 30-second video. No comment from Vince Neil yet but if you'd like your own personalized message to see how he's sounding today check out Cameo.

Press Conference For THE STADIUM TOUR DEF LEPPARD - MOTLEY CRUE - POISON At SiriusXM's Hollywood Studios
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