Great news for fans of New Jersey's God Forbid, almost ten years after they broke up the group is now in talks to head out again on tour. There have been rumblings for months about a potential reunion tour for God Forbid for most of 2021. In various interviews, former God Forbid and current Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle has been quoted talking about how the former members of the band have been in discussions to work together again and how "it is a matter of when not if" the band would reunite per Metal Injection.

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On a June 2021 episode of his The Ex-Man With Doc Coyle podcast, Doc answered fan questions saying Bad Wolves would still be his priority but said fans could see God Forbid back together when the time was right.

Then a month later, the news broke that God Forbid had some offers on the table for them to get back together and head out again on tour. In the July episode of Doc Coyle's The Ex-Man With Doc Coyle podcast, he discussed how the band was now getting tour offers but he still wouldn't say whether or not the band was in talks to head out on the road. He did ask his guest former Monuments guitarist Olly Steele if he would be down to join the band on tour if they did hit the road. When Steele asked about God Forbid's former guitarist and Doc's brother Dallas, Doc simply replied:

"Dallas... He's done with me. He had his run and now he's done."

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The plans seem to be falling together better and better and fans received the most promising news last week during an interview on Loaded Radio. Doc was asked what the status of God Forbid and he explained how for them, it's more than just a band:

"For us, the status was making sure the relationships were solid because with God Forbid it’s more of a family than is even a band. Our connection goes beyond just the music we made and that was really important to me. Just making sure everyone was connecting on that level."

Doc also responded to the rumors of an upcoming tour:

"The four of us have been talking. It’s interesting there wasn’t any buzz on God Forbid for a while, now it’s like I would have all the members on my podcast and I would reconnect with the guys. And then sometime within that, there was a lot of interest in the band in the comments section offers started coming in. So I can say that things are in the works, and definitely some things are happening it's just a matter of when we can find some things that fit the band."

Lead singer of God Forbid, Byron Davis has been living in El Paso for ten years and calls the Sun City his home. If you've been to a metal show you may have seen him in attendance, usually standing near the wall or by the soundboard enjoying bands that have come through the Sun City.

When Bad Wolves played in El Paso back in November of 2019, Byron Davis was in attendance and hung out with his former bandmates backstage. After all the rumors flying around I had to go to Byron Davis himself and ask, is God Forbid getting back together, and are their plans to head out on tour? His reply was simple:

"There is something in the works."

Looks like these rumors are proving to be true and fans just have to wait to see when they decide to announce their next move. You can see Doc Coyle's entire interview with Loaded Radio below.

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