Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath helped a fan break up with her boyfriend. You can get his assistance too if you have the cash. Breaking up is uncomfortable for many people, which may be why ghosting has become such a popular option for young people. For those who want to go ahead and actually break up with someone, there are many ways you can do this. Some do it over text, the phone or even shockingly in person but one woman found a unique way to tell her beau it's over.

A woman named Cheyenne used the popular celebrity video message app Cameo to end her relationship with her boyfriend Braydn. Cameo allows fans to request special video messages from their favorite celebrities. Cheyenne decided it would be better if the lead singer of one of his favorite bands did the breaking up for her. Please enter Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath. While the request may seem awkward to some, to McGrath $100 is $100 so he did it. The video is hilarious and somewhat awkward but it turns out it was all fake.

According to Rolling Stone, Twitter user @SeanAppalled has taken credit for purchasing the breakup video, along with getting other celebrities to do the same. He says he also got Anthony Scaramucci and P.O.D.'s Sonny Sandoval to make similar videos. Still, the fact that McGrath thought it was real and still made the video is interesting. I guess it is refreshing to see a celebrity going above and beyond to please his fans. As long as he's getting paid for it. Check out the awkward yet hilarious video above.


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