The Alvarado Police Department shared a hilarious video clip of a cop chasing a pig around a Sonic Drive-in parking lot and it's probably exactly what you need to watch to get your day moving in the right direction.

We don't give cops enough credit for some of the ridiculous things they have to do at work every single day. It's not just speeding tickets and catching bad guys. Sometimes, it's chasing big fat black pigs through town. Shout out to the police for doing all the stuff we don't want to. Y'all are the real MVPs!

It also seems like the Alvarado Police Department has a great sense of humor. They added the words "Alright Facebook family, give us what you got! There are entirely too many jokes to pick from so put your best in the comments section!" to their video, which opened a huge can of worms.

Some of my favorite comments below the video include:

"He never would have been caught if someone wouldn’t have Squealed on him. Run Porky Run!"

"Gone HOG WILD for lunch today!"

"Sir, please, hold on! I was just wondering if you'd like to discuss some exciting career opportunities in law enforcement!"

"I said, 'bacon on the side, not outside!!'"

"Am I being detained?????????????"

Check out the hilarious video below:

We hope you got a kick out of that video. Leave a comment of your own joke in the comment section of our FMX Facebook page, and try to be nice, pretty please?

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