This makes me sad as an El Pasoan. A group of kids posted a video to the social media site Snapchat of them stealing light bulbs from El Paso's famous star on the mountain.

Now, I have some experience with people who are kleptomaniac because my middle brother would steal things. For instance, I remember a cop bringing my brother home after my mother sent him to the store for leche. Instead of getting milk for my Fruity Pebbles, he decided to steal a Playboy magazine from the local convenience store.

The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce is in charge of upkeep of the star which is seen by many who live in the 'Sun City.' It's also seen by millions of visitors who come to our region.

The first star was built back in 1940 by El Paso Electric. According to El Paso Electric, 'from its lofty height, the star may be seen from the East, 100 miles from the air and 30 miles from the ground.'

Abbby Caracoza via Facebook
Abbby Caracoza via Facebook