Pretty much all graduation ceremonies have been postponed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. UTEP now has a "makeup" ceremony planned for their 2020 graduates.

Originally, 2020 graduates of the University of Texas at El Paso would have celebrated their accomplishments and had their big day tomorrow and Sunday, (5/16-5/17), but the COVID 19 pandemic shut those plans down. Now, UTEP plans to hold a monster ceremony for those graduates Saturday, September 12th, in Sun Bowl Stadium.

The ceremony will begin at 7pm and each graduate may invite two guests. That part kind of sucks because, here in El Paso, small families are absolutely NOT the norm and this means many relatives won't be able to attend. To help ease the pain of all the things the class of 2020 and their loved ones will miss out on, UTEP has built a 2020 Spring Commencement website to honor the Class of 2020.

Some UTEP students also earned the honor of what is known as a "Hooding Ceremony" and they would have had that celebration today but, the pandemic nixed those plans too. I especially feel for those graduates, one of whom is very close to me. These students earned Masters Degrees or Doctorates and truly gave their all to do so. I know ... I saw first hand the extra effort and drive those degrees demand. College is tough enough as it is. To go that extra mile is truly incredible and very deserving of this extra ceremony.

My extra special congratulations and respect to those graduates in particular.

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