It has been a long time since I've been at the Don Haskins Center to see graduation. My cousin graduated from Austin High School and I noticed a change in the setup. Looking back 16 years ago, I remember the set up being set up the opposite way it is now. I graduated from Coronado High School in 2003 and remember walking in through the tunnel to our seats. But the way they have set it up now is completely different. Don Haskins Center switched the stage from where they originally had it.

Now at graduations, they moved the stage to the opposite side of the tunnel. This definitely sparked my curiosity and want to know why the change came about. I sent an e-mail to the person who is in charge of that stuff and still waiting for a response. I am not sure when this change took place but it happened over time apparently. Take the poll below if you remember the stage near or away from the tunnel when you graduated.

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