We know. WE. KNOW. We know that you probably shouldn't partake in that #Classof2020 senior picture challenge. If you haven't heard of it, people are posting their senior year pictures in order to "honor" the current graduating class of 2020. First of all, it's not really doing much for them, their senior year has been ruined! But it is fun to dig up your year book and find that picture of your younger self and think about how you didn't really appreciate your body back then. (No? Just me?)

Recently it's been advised that you shouldn't even participate in the challenge because: SCAMMERS! They don't take days off and the BBB has advised against the participation of these types of challenges in order to protect your privacy and information. But because we here at The Buzz Adams Morning Show like to live on the edge, I have decided to share our pictures with you. I won't spoil it but ONE OF US is the only one whose picture is in black and white.

Hey, graduating class of 2020, I know this is really rough and that your senior year has been ruined, but, that doesn't diminish all you've accomplished. This will pass and in the end you'll be remembered as the class that persevered. For now, have a laugh with our senior year pictures.

BAMS Senior Year Photos

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