2020 has been a crazy year, loaded with cancellations and postponements. That also applies to graduations so, here's UTEP's plan to honor the class of 2020.

UTEP has had to postpone and/or rethink all the 2020 graduations due to the COVID 19 pandemic. An attempt to hold the ceremony virtually wasn't exactly a success, deemed "disappointing" and a "reminder of what could have been done" by UTEP President Heather Wilson. (Hear her complete statement in the video above.)

Previous ceremonies for spring, summer, and fall graduates left each class wondering what to do, what to plan, who to invite, what date to give, etc. A very frustrating thing to face as they come to the end of what had already been a difficult and arduous period in their lives. UTEP's December grads don't need to wonder anymore.

A video from UTEP President Heather Wilson broke the news to winter graduates that their ceremony will not be held until May. Acknowledging that "things are not getting better" health-wise, UTEP turned to the students for their opinion and found that almost half (45%) wanted an in-person ceremony. So, that's what UTEP is going to do. In May 2021, a huge ceremony will be held in the Sun Bowl for all 2020 UTEP graduates and their families to attend.

6 more months Miners, and you will have your moment. For now, look at the bright side ... your cheap relatives won't be able to use your Christmas gift as a way to dodge your graduation gift. (December birthday peeps, that's still your problem.

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