It's a special time when a woman has an ultrasound appointment or date I should say to see how her baby is doing. This woman's 28-week scan had her leaving the office with tears of joy I am sure!

USA Today had to share this 4-D ultrasound of a baby when they witnessed a hilarious move. They have said it is good to talk to your unborn baby while you're carrying them in your womb. The unborn baby is already two steps ahead of what a baby that's been born is already doing. This was the cutest and coolest 4-D ultrasound to see that took place in Newbury, England. So if you've got an upcoming ultrasound appointment you should try to get your baby to also wave. This baby is definitely going to be a fast learner from the looks of it!

I wanna know if the parents of the unborn baby above actually smiled and waved back?

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