With all the talk over the past couple of days about new restaurants coming to town and what restaurants people would like to see come here, it got me thinking about two El Paso institutions that people that don't live in El Paso anymore would love to have in their city.

And those two El Paso legends...Chico's Tacos and KLAQ!

That's right, Chico's Tacos is the one restaurant that people that no longer live in El Paso go to as soon they come back to visit and wish it was in their city.

And of course KLAQ is one of the best rock stations in the nation. Thankfully people that don't live in El Paso can still listen to KLAQ by downloading the Radio Pup app.

So in celebration of these two great El Paso legends, listen to the KLAQ Morning Show this week and you can win the brand new KLAQ cap and the Chico's Tacos 60th anniversary T-shirt.

You can see me wearing what you can win below:

photo by monster


via monster