This young woman never imagined her cell phone would be a romantic location for some flies! As it is it's gross when someone other than yourself has sex on your bed but at least you can wash the sheets.

But it's way worse when germ-infested flies decide to fly on to your mobile device to do the dirty deed. This video is quite hilarious not because of the flies but more so of the chick recording. Usually, EVERYONE throws a hand around to get rid of a fly's presence but NOT this woman! She thought it would be better to voice over the sound effects of two flies sexually interacting. The intimate moment shared between the flies sure has gone viral the way a celebrity sex tape has! I just hope if this ever happens to you, you won't let them finish their business. Oluwa Plenty A will has the most hilarious and unbelievable footage.

I guess now we can say we know what it looks like to give a flying f**k?

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