There was another superhero fight in Hollywood yesterday.  Two Captain America impersonators and a Spider-Man impersonator got into a fistfight on Hollywood Boulevard, in front of the famous Mann's Chinese Theater.  Apparently one of them thought the others were trying to gouge the tourists.  Vernardo Stroud was working at a kiosk next to where it happened.

He says they started fighting and all the tourists were standing there enjoying it, and finally he had to step in and break it up.  It's funny because he gives a blow-by-blow and keeps calling them by their character names, so it sounds like he's describing a scene from a comic book.

You can see the news report below:

Since we don't have the actual video of the fight, I think this is kind of what it looked like. Just imagine its 2 Captain Americas and Spiderman fighting instead of Batman and a guy going at it.