El Paso has had their fair share of road ragers from past to present. It is scary how far some people take it when they have a bad case of road rage. In fact, in 2015, an old friend of mine had experienced a very traumatic case of road rage.

She was leaving work and taking the 601 Spur home when someone was bothered she had let someone in front of her which slowed down the traffic flow. When the slower car exited at Airport Road the road-raging El Pasoan cut my friend off and would purposely press the brakes. That wasn't all either. As she moved into the far right lane they followed but pulled up right beside her and waved a gun around.

She immediately called 911 and reported the car that was following her. It was no surprise when she was traumatized to drive for a little while after that incident. Another road rage incident that happened in 2015 happened on the freeway I-10 East. Except this incident was caught on camera that you can see above. Luckily, the victim filming their drive has the evidence to prove their innocence.

The silver car is TOTALLY at fault once you review the video from start to finish. This is just more proof that there are road-raging people who take it to the deadly extreme out there. Hence, why it brings me to this next insane road rage story that happened just recently in East El Paso.

A man who for now we will call "John Doe 1" was run over by another El Paso man "John Doe 2" who is still currently on the loose. If you were in the area of 1200 block of Bob Hope Drive close by Joe Battle around 5 pm on Thursday, please call the Crimes Against Persons detectives at 915-212-4040. Road rage in my opinion is pretty high in El Paso and hope locals can learn from this.

The lesson here is if someone needs to cut in front of you, let them in. If you cherish your life you shouldn't risk it over something so silly. Let me know in the poll below if you think El Paso has a bad case of road rage.

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