Barnett Harley Davidson, in east El Paso, has been holding blood drives for many years and all their hard work and huge successes, earned them a big honor.

Barnett Harley Davidson recently held their 36th blood drive with Vitalant and ... as they have many, many times ... rewarded donors with food, drinks, goody bags and a shot at winning a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Over the years, they have raised so much blood, (typically holding their events at points in the year when supplies are lowest). they are about to be recognized nationally.

The Barnett family not only host the blood drives and put up motorcycles as prizes, they also give away tons of others goodies. They're also not the type to "blow their own horns" so I'm glad to see them honored this way.

"They have been amazing," said Communications Director for Vitalant's South Division, Carla Alexander. "The Barnetts are absolutely dedicated to the cause, they do the blood drives during the times of year when it's hardest to get blood -- when fewer people donate -- so they really ensure that we have a great blood supply."

According to Alexander, during the two blood drives Vitalant and Barnett host every year, roughly 800 to 1,000 donors participate. - KFOX

In total, Barnett Harley Davidson has raised over 32,000 units over the years. An incredible number that got the attention of America's Blood Centers who officially honored Barnett at their annual meeting in Washington D.C. with their "Outstanding Blood Drive Of The Year" award.

Props to the Barnett family on a well deserved award and mega thanks for always giving back to the community at every turn.

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