A major east El Paso roadway, already being worked on, is about to get even messier as a new construction project begins.

Honestly, the official seal of the city of El Paso should become an orange barrel. The second you find a street you can use, word gets out and TXDoT starts working on it.

It's like a challenge to them I swear. Now, a federal grant has been awarded to El Paso to jack up traffic on the east side a little more. It is being done for a good reason though.

A $9.9 million federal grant was awarded to the City of El Paso to improve roadway safety and prevent collisions resulting in deaths and serious injuries. City officials said they will use the money to improve safety along N. Yarbrough Dr. in East El Paso.

The area has the region's second-highest number of incidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists being hit by vehicles, and it ranks among the top 10 roadway segments within El Paso city limits for deadly and serious wrecks. - KVIA


So, heads up East El Paso. Another major throughway is about to become a little less passable for who knows how long. Insert "eye rolling" emoji here.

I wonder if I can somehow get the literal translation/meaning of El Paso changed from "The Pass" to "Under Construction". That just seems so much more appropriate around here these days.

If you happen to know who I can call about that, please let me know. My email addy is Glenn@klaq.com.

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