Lately, Trapt has had everyone in mind since the pandemic struck. These guys have been hard at work making music for their new album. It is times like these we could use every single kind of positivity we could get. The American rock band Trapt did just that with us in mind with "Make It Out Alive" their newest track. Trapt dedicates that song to every American that is doing the best they can during this pandemic. Whether you're staying couped up inside, working the frontline, or homeschooling your kids it's been intense.

Trapt couldn't have said it better when they said we don't know what the future holds, but we do know we will make it out alive. The band posted their new music on their Facebook page earlier today. They were right on time when they decided to make this song during this difficult time. This is Trapt's way of sending out positive vibes to everyone as we continue to deal with Covid-19. Their song "Make It Out Alive" is the kind of motivation we all need in our everyday lives.

I have been listening to Trapt for forever now and will continue to listen to them. I was so happy to hear they've been busy working on new music. It was exciting to see Chris Taylor Brown play an acoustic set while we were in quarantine. Since Trapt's preparing for the release of their new album, I hope their future tour stops in El Paso when the time is right. Give their new song "Make It Out Alive" a listen if you ever need a reminder that you got this.

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