Everyday I have some sort of sad reminder that El Paso doesn't have an H-E-B. Texans on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are constantly shoving it in my face that all of us in the Sun City have to live with all the great stuff H-E-B has to offer.

Sure, El Paso has some of their own great markets like Vista, but sometimes H-E-B has a product that makes me totally jealous' for instance this tortilla scented candle! Yes, you read that right, a TORTILLA SCENTED CANDLE.


It's not even a basic tortilla, it's a BAKERY, BUTTER tortilla. Because tortillas, especially flour tortillas are best when they're hot and fresh and SMOTHERED with butter.

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I imagine that this candle will smell like my grandma's house when she would make fresh tortillas! And now that I know of its existence, I must find one!

I know somewhere in El Paso I can find a candle maker who can make this creation. El Paso is filled with tons of talented people- like this El Paso based company that created this elote candle, but not just an elote scented candle, it legit looks like an elote en vaso!

Can you believe that's a candle?! This looks good enough to eat, but I won't eat it!

H-E-B has some pretty amazing things and I cannot believe that I haven't already stumbled on a tortilla scented candle! I guess alternatively what I can do is make my own tortillas, and let the aroma fill my house- but just in case, if anyone sees a candle like this, let me know!

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