I have never been to an H-E-B but I hear some great things. Even with El Paso not having an H-E-B, I never felt like I was missing out that much- we have some pretty good places around town that make up for the fact that we don't have an H-E-B (looking at you, Vista Market!).

However, after finding out about this product, I immediately became envious! H-E-B is selling a tortilla that is made with BOTH corn AND flour! A tortilla de maiz Y harina! I couldn't believe it; how is this even possible?

The tortillas are called "Mitad Y Mitad" (meaning half and half) and for the low price of $2.45, you can own a pack of 10 of these interesting tortillas!

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H-E-B also sells these other tortillas called "Mixla" that are a corn and flour BLEND! These also sell for $2.03 for a pack of 12.


These seem a little different as they are tortillas with "corn flavor and flour flexibility". According to their product description:

Tired of your fish tacos, fajitas, or enchiladas falling apart when they're stuffed with all sorts of tasty things? Well, now you can get the delicious taste of corn with the flexibility of flour tortillas with our H‑E‑B Mixla Tortillas. Made right here in Texas, this 50/50 blend is a delicious way to get the best of both worlds! Made right here in Texas in our own bakery in Corpus Christi. Exclusive to H‑E‑B (of course!)

I'm sure those of you who have been to an H-E-B have probably already tried these; which makes me a little jealous. But now I'm on a mission- we have so many local tortillerias and local markets that I'm sure I KNOW somewhere in El Paso someone has to make some of these! El Paso, that's where you come in; help me find a local place to get some of these tortillas! It's the best of both worlds and I must find some!

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