If there's one place that you can easily find in Texas that is NOWHERE to be found in El Paso, it's H-E-B. While I'd love for other places to show up in El Paso, for years we've been waiting for an H-E-B store to appear and so far...nothing's changed. So If you want to go to an H-E-B, where is the closest one TO El Paso? Well... let's find out.

Where is the nearest H-E-B to El Paso in Texas?

To find out the answer to question, there's no better way than go directly to the source: H-E-B's store locator. With a total of 335 stores in the state of Texas, it might be a little tricky to find, but we can find it if we look hard enough. We know there are no stores within 100 miles of El Paso, & we also know there H-E-B stores in the biggest cities of the state; like Dallas, San Antonio or Austin...but these are NOT the closest ones. These stores are easily close to 8-10 hours away. No we need something MUCH closer to us

From personal experience, I know Midland has H-E-B stores, and that's about 4 & a half hours away. And by looking at the map on their website, we are definitely getting closer to the answer. There are 2 stores in Midland, but there are also 2 stores in nearby, Odessa, Texas. In fact...the one located at 2501 West University Boulevard Odessa, TX, is just 4 hours away from El Paso (almost about as long as it takes to get to Albuquerque, New Mexico). The other nearest city is 5 hours away in Big Spring.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Fun fact: it looks as though the Port Arthur one might be one of, if not THE FARTHEST one from El Paso, is which about 12 HOURS from us. But if you're driving from the East Coast, it'll be one of the closer options for you if you want to stop at an H-E-B.

Google Maps
Google Maps

So unless something pops up in Marfa, Van Horn, Fort Stocktown, or indeed IN El Paso, you'll have to drive a good 4 hours to Odessa, Texas to enjoy the H-E-B experience.

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