Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have been relatively quiet since releasing ‘Mojo’ last year, but they’ll break their silence in honor of Record Store Day’s Black Friday on November 25.

Petty and the band are planning to release a live vinyl LP to mark the occasion, offering fans a chance to hear new versions of classic tracks, cuts from ‘Mojo,’ and a concert performance of the rare B-side ‘Sweet William.’ 

In 2002, Petty dedicated his album ‘The Last DJ’ to railing against the ongoing corporate takeovers in the music business, and he’s continuing that battle with the band’s new vinyl live LP, which will be offered only at independent record stores. The band is also planning an intimate benefit gig to support California State University Northridge’s struggling radio station, KCSN, on October 29.

Petty’s struggles against the increasingly corporate record industry are well known. In 1979, he filed a lawsuit to keep from having his contract with ABC Records transferred over to its new owners at MCA, and, although he eventually ended up settling with MCA, he waged a public relations war against the label two years later, when they announced plans to charge the new ‘superstar’ price of $9.98 for his ‘Hard Promises’ album.

“I remember when radio meant something,” Petty told Rolling Stone during a 2002 interview. “We enjoyed the people who were on it, even if we hated them. They had personalities. They were people of taste, who we trusted. And I see that vanishing.”

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