This past Sunday, dozens of people took some time to help search for a missing El Paso woman Erika Gaytan. They held a search party at Red Sands in Far East El Paso. Clearly, if there have been no news reports of finding a body which means she's still out there. Now, since El Paso is in Texas there is a team that can help Erika Gaytan's family. Tim Miller is the co-founder of Texas Equusearch that helps find missing people in Texas. He is a man who can find anyone who goes missing, in which he managed to find his own daughter who had gone missing decades ago. Tim Miller and his team were able to help Vanessa Guillen's family when she went missing. Tim Miller knows what it is like for families who have children that also go missing. After finding his daughter he wanted to help others who have a child go missing.

I was watching 20/20 one Friday evening that was about Vanessa Guillen had been missing for a while. About six minutes in on the video above from Abc News 20/20 you will understand a little bit more of who Tim Miller is and what he does. He had mentioned that the only way Texas Equusearch can get involved in a missing person's case is if law enforcement calls them. I think it would be a good idea if Erika Gaytan's family asked our law enforcement to give Texas Equusearch a call. Erika Gaytan's family has been searching for answers and more importantly, her.

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