Have you ever wanted to taste the food that's prepared by a chef and contestant in a cooking competition? Well, you now have a chance to taste the work of a chef that is currently in the top 10 for Favorite Chef in the world. There are times you're watching a cooking competition and can't help but wish you can taste their cooking skills.

Believe me, I've been there when I watch Master Chef on FOX. But, El Pasoans can get in on some scrumptious meals that are prepared by Chef Nyicha Sanchez. You can sample her amazing and delicious concoctions on the Eastside of town.

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The Johnny Cash Beer Garden on Montwood Dr. is where you can sample Nyicha Sanchez's cooking skills. Nyicha Sanchez has been cooking since she was 5 years old and learned from the best, her grandma. When you read Nyicha's specialty plate's description it will have your mouth watering.

via Nyicha Sanchez
Nyicha Sanchez

Her specialty plate consists of a Panko pecan-crusted chicken breast that's topped with feta, rosemary, and thyme mash with poblano sauce. Her skills in the kitchen are definitely worthy of attention since she is only in the running for Favorite Chef's top 10 in the world. But right now what she needs is El Paso's support and votes to help her advance to the top 5.

Favorite Chef will determine which cooking contestants will move to the next round. So, we have until March 11, to vote every day in order to help Nyicha Sanchez win her spot in the top 5. Besides winning bragging rights for the top chef in the world, she can also win $50,000 for herself.

But Nyicha Sanchez has other plans in mind for the money prize if she were to win. She plans on helping out the hungry in our community because as she has said, no one should go hungry. So, let's help our fellow El Pasoan advance to Favorite Chef's top 5 by placing your vote here. Nyicha Sanchez gave a brief statement about her background with food and her love for it that you can see above.

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