We all know visitors that come to El Paso aren't disappointed when grubbing on some tacos. Each and everyone has their own unique way of building their taco. Plus, we know it is the spices that make the taco explode with tasty flavor.

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Well a lot of us are familiar with McCormick's spices that we use on our meats. McCormick's was on the hunt for someone to fill the first-ever position for the Director of Taco Relations. Now you should know that position was wanted by over 5,000 applicants around the world.

Clearly, McCormick Spice only needs one person to fulfill the exciting Taco Tuesday duties. McCormick Spice YouTube published a video on October 4, revealing who they chose as their Director of Taco Relations.

Now some of you might recognize this woman's familiar face.

McCormick's new Director of Taco Relations was given to an El Paso native woman Jo Luna. Some of the duties she will handle don't seem like duties but more like perks. El Paso native will work with lots of experts in the kitchen trying to create the next best taco.

You can follow Jo Luna's recipes and advice when it comes to making delicious tacos by clicking here. McCormick's must know that El Pasoans mean business when it comes to great tacos. They certainly made the right move choosing El Paso native Jo Luna as Director of Taco Relations. You can meet and learn more about Jo Luna by checking out her story on McCormick's site by clicking here.

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