Remember the time Don Haskins "The Bear" was the first to win NCAA title with 5 African American starters? This footage is from a basketball game that took place in 1966 against Kentucky.

Don Haskins led his team to victory when they played against Kentucky Wildcats. The black and white footage is from the championship game in 1966. Don Haskins definitely deserved the recognition for how he got Texas Western (Utep) to the championship. It's pretty awesome his recognition went as far as a movie that was about him and the team. The movie Glory Road shows how Don Haskins (Josh Lucas) built a team based on talent instead of their race. Don Haskins received tens of thousands of hate mail about Haskins decision on his five starters.

It's no surprise that in 1997 Don Haskins was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. A couple years later Don Haskins decided to retire in 1999 with a 719-353 record. Going back to the Championship game in 1966, Don Haskins led his team to victory defeating the Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA finals.

Throwback Thursday requires a look back at the NCAA Finals on March 19, 1966, when Texas Western beat Kentucky. Don Haskins is the perfect example of what you can accomplish when you step out of the norm. The Texas Western win above is a great memory to look back at and feel El Paso proud!

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