El Paso Police Department

Three metal fans were wounded at the local Deicide show at Tricky Falls last night. There are multiple witnesses coming forward about what happened while El Paso music fans are just trying to figure out why.

Last night at Tricky Falls was the Deicide show with special guests Broken Hope, Disgorge and Necronomicon.

El Paso police said they were called to Tricky Falls around 10 p.m. for reports of a knife attack that left three men -- ages 24, 35 39 with wounds on their heads, necks and chest. Police said 30-year-old Jesus Ortega was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to police, Ortega got into a scuffle with the victims and pulled out a box cutter and slashed them. Police said the attack is under investigation and more arrests are possible.

Broken Hope addressed the attack on their Facebook page from Tricky Falls, saying, "Cops and paramedics are all over the place." The band also sent warm wishes to the injured concert-goers.


I talked to a bunch of people who were at the show last night, and have heard varying stories about what went down. WARNING: ALL INFORMATION BELOW IS SECONDHAND. I WAS NOT ACTUALLY AT THIS SHOW AND ALL INFORMATION WAS GATHERED FROM PEOPLE WHO SAID THEY WERE THERE:

Multiple reports are coming out about what happened at the show but there are a few things that we can say most likely did happen. There was a fight that broke out in the moshpit during the set for Broken Hope, but it was not part of the box cutting incident that happened later in the show. At the downstairs bar, an altercation involving the boxcutter began.

Tricky Falls security, bartenders and concert goers all disarmed the assailant and apprehended him until the police arrived. The three men all had stab wounds to the neck, that were later described as more of slashes, some witnesses saying almost ear to ear. The three men were all up and walking before the paramedics and police arrived. The attacker was arrested and taken into custody immediately by police. The men are said to still be in the hospital. Police said they are all expected to be OK.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was injured at the show last night and I wish them a speedy recovery. Tricky Falls is a venue that I have always supported and loved since it has opened, and this one bad incident will not stop me from loving all the shows that they bring to El Paso. Some great concerts have happened there (GREEN DAY!) and are going to happen there (Danzig!) so don't let this deter you from enjoying this great spot.

A lot of metal fans are also saying that they hope this doesn't stop bands from wanting to come to El Paso and bringing great music to the Sun City. Deicide actually spoke on this and said they love El Paso and always feel at home when they come to play here. They said they will definitely be coming back to El Paso again.