Green Day performed at Tricky Falls in El Paso last night and it was amazing. 

Green Day has only played a few gigs since taking a break from pretty much everything while vocalist Billie Joe adjusted to a "new lifestyle". His recent visit to rehab caused the band to lay up for a bit while Billie addressed his problems. He's back in business now and sounding better than ever!  The rest of the band has even abandoned certain aspects of their own behavior in support of Billie Joe.

Now, off they go to conquer, or reconquer, the world!

As they gear up for a new round of press, gigs and touring mayhem; they also have Austins' legendary SXSW festival to look forward to.

A few, very intimate dates are leading them toward east Texas, El Paso making the list last night.  In celebration of this moment, and their proximity to Mexico I assume, they even added a touch of Marty Robbins to the set while tossing in a smattering of Ozzy, AC/DC, Johnny Cash and Lynrd Skynyrd, to boot!

The full set list lies below but, consider this, any band that can inspire someone to stage dive from 20 feet in the air must rock!  I couldn’t catch the free fall on camera, but this young man did it!  Upon landing he bonded with the band, even got a kiss from Billie Joe, and promptly dove again!

Another cool thing about last night!  At show time, a number of fans still hadn't been able to enter the building; so Green Day sent their roadies and techs up to entertain those who had made it in!  "The Roadie" band banged out a few cover tunes to keep those waiting entertained while the others made their way in.  (They were actually pretty good!)


I spoke with their tour manager again this morning and he told me they loved El Paso and last nights show may prove to inspire a few more small venue shows!  Trust me, if you ever get to see a gigantic, stadium filler-style band like Green Day play in an intimate setting like last night, TAKE IT!

Check out the set list below.

99 Revoltutions

Know Your Enemy

Stay The Night

Stop Whe The Red Lights Flash


Oh Love


Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Hitchin' A Ride


St. Jimmy

2000 Light Years

Paper Lanterns

When I Come Around


Basket Case


King For A Day

X - Kid



American Idiot

Jesus Of Suberbia

Brutal Love

Not much could really follow that.