When some people sing karaoke they at least try their hardest to be good but this woman doesn't! This woman goes by the name of Amanda and clearly had no shame butchering a song by John Legend.

Preview Dance Music caught the most horrific karaoke fail you could ever witness. It's never good to assume something but in this case it seems safe to assume she's plastered. Now if Amanda isn't smashed, then she just gives you the impression she is when she sings. You will see how nice society can be as the people behind her just stand there and smile. She made sure to not only sing her heart out but dance with passion to the song. Amanda decided to sing along to John Legend's "All of Me" to her respectful audience. Now will she get boo'd off the floor or given applause? See for yourself!

If this goes viral, she could land herself in karaoke prison and have the mic aggressively taken from her!

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