Mash-up (noun): A recording created by digitally combining and synchronizing instrumental tracks with vocal tracks from two or more different songs.

Today’s mash-up comes from one of the best, Bill McClintock. You can, and should, subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

The Mash-up features Glenn Danzig and Donna Summer…which makes “Donzig.” The Donna Summer song “Bad Girls” came out in 1979, near the height in popularity of Disco. It was a number one hit for five weeks and received significant play at the Melody Roller Rink in Okmulgee, Oklahoma when I was in 6th grade. “Mother” by Danzig came out on his debut solo album in 1988, but only became a big hit (thanks to heavy rotation on MTV) in 1993. Both songs slap but in very different ways.

The songs are mixed in a way that at one point it sounds like Donna Summer is doing a kind of call-and-response duet with Glenn Danzig (“Hey, mister! Have you got a dime?” “YEEEUHH!”).

Also, since this mash-up is kind of a walk down memory lane, there are scenes from “Soul Train”. “Soul Train” was a show where singers and bands would go on and lip-sync to their most recent song while dancers (professional and amateur) danced along. So, it was like a black version of “American Bandstand” which means that the dancing was much, much better. Notice the late-70s hip fashion that included bell-bottom jeans, hotpants, and powder-blue velour tracksuits. People paid money for these items and, believe it or not, were PROUD to be seen in them. It’s a good thing there’s nothing about how we dress today that will look completely ridiculous in 40 years.

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