Any musician can tell you one of the worst parts of playing a show is NOT having a small crowd or the songs sounding terrible. One of the worst things about doing a show is having your equipment stolen from you. Unfortunately, it's a story that's happened MANY MANY times here in El Paso...

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Over the weekend, on Friday the 13th, the local band Asylum performed at B-17 Bombers Oyster Pub downtown for their 40th-anniversary reunion show. They brought their own equipment to the gig: PA system, mics, guitars, stands, etc. Unfortunately, after the show was over, someone broke into the truck, WITH THE GEAR STILL INSIDE... and it was gone. All in the timespan of fewer than 20 seconds.

The band had ANOTHER show at Hinley's Restaurant the next day & with the help of friends, family & fellow musicians lending instruments, gear & equipment so that Asylum can perform, the show went off without a hitch. If you want to read the whole story posted by the band or if you know any information that can help recover anything stolen, you can read the whole story right HERE.

Sad to say, this is definitely not the first time it's happened in the music scene here in El Paso. It's happened with local bands & even happened to Cafe Tecvba back in 2019. I know plenty of hard workings musicians who either had lent their gear to somebody so I can borrow it for a show only to have them pawn off that SAME instrument the next day, or just like in the case of Asylum, have their gear stolen right after the show.

This a story that shows how terrible people can be but also, how amazing the scene can be: how people can come together & help out fellow musicians who need that little bit of help. THAT'S what we need more of: people supporting each other; uniting not dividing.

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