It's great whenever musicians from El Paso make something of themselves. One musician that has really exploded in the music world is the frontman of the local band Cigarettes After Sex, Greg Gonzalez. If you're unfamiliar with their music, here's some of their most popular songs:

He's been the lead singer of the band since 2008 & since 2020, he has released new music. However it's not with the Cigarettes, but with a new project. A collaboration EP with singer Daniele Luppi called Charm of Pleasure.

The EP has a very dark & ambient vibe to it, but it's similar to the style of music Cigarettes After Sex makes. It's softer than their music but you can tell that Greg had a huge hand in making the song (and no I'm not just saying that because his name & next to Daniele's either).

If you look at the comments on the videos, it's clear the fans are happy with the return of Greg & his singing; singing their praises that he's active with making music, even if it isn't with CAS.

This isn't the only new music that Greg had a hand in producing in 2022; he also helped produced the debut LP for the Baltimore duo, The Furniture. The band was signed onto Greg's music label, Spanish Prayers, & they opened up for Cigarettes After Sex during their live concert in Los Angeles back in May.

So far there haven't been any announcements on new songs from CAS, however with Greg being active in making music, it looks promising that perhaps we'll see some new material in the near future.

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