If you're only into rock, I suggest you keep scrolling past this collaboration but do know it has some rock mixed with rap.  Luckily, the rappers featured with Disturbed mixed in well for the rock band's song Perfect Insanity.

It's always a cool thing when different genres collaborate together for something different. This post is not saying that the original song isn't a great hit, but it's always cool to hear something different. This rap/rock remix features 2Pac, Eminem and Tech N9ne in the verses. This remix features three songs all collaborated into Perfect Insanity which sounds insanely perfect. You will hear 2Pac with F*ck All Yall, Eminem's Sing For The Moment and Tech N9ne's Like Yeah all mixed in. You can only knock it once you try it, so it's never a bad thing to hear something different.

If you haven't heard this collaboration and want to hear a spiced up version of Disturbed's "Perfect Insanity" give this song a listen.

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