Once K-mart's finally closed, the building would make a GREAT entertainment center.

Located at 9484 Dyer, the building is huge and has plenty of parking. It's also right by the new Northeast transfer station. Here are a few suggestions to "re-purpose" it:

  • Put the waterpark they keep promising us there. I'm kinda kidding here but, a smaller, indoor one would be pretty cool. Plus, we could use it year round!
  • Maybe an indoor miniature golf course, go-karts or an archery/shooting range. More cool things we can do all year.
  • OR....... Indoor, live action games. Paintball, racquetball, maybe even virtual reality games! There's enough room in there to have several games going at once.
  • A concert venue for national and local acts. Between bands, it could host traveling art shows or tournaments like the bowling one that was Downtown in 2015.
  • Bar Mall. Put a bunch of bars in there, each offering something different. Sports, live music of all genres, karaoke, dart and pool tourneys, cigar lounge, etc....

There's even a motel right across the street that's perfect for those that come to hit the bars or for peeps that travel in for shows! There are also several restaurants, bars and stores nearby. (The bare spot at the bottom of the pic is where the transfer station is being built.)

Photo, Google Maps
Photo, Google Maps

Any other ideas?

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