Being a part of Facebook groups really takes you back to the good old days. One particular Facebook group had me craving a particularly sweet treat I haven't had in forever. Some people may remember taking trips to Kmart with their family for some necessities and treats. Well, as a kid when I visited Kmart I fondly remember those runs to the store as some of you. Now I didn't enjoy running to the store when my family had to. But when we had to make a run to Kmart for some essential items, I was bribed with Kmart's famous sweet treat. My family knew how to get me to go on the quick store run if my sister didn't go. They would bribe me with a scoop of Superman ice cream after we finish shopping. Of course, every kid enjoyed Kmart's Superman ice cream for the look and flavor.

Well now that Kmart doesn't exist in El Paso anymore, just means we can no longer get a scoop of Superman ice cream. But there are plenty of other El Pasoans who also miss that flavor and know of other places to get your fix at. A couple of people in the Facebook group had said you can relieve that craving at Baskin-Robbins. Another person said that the Shamrock food service also carries that flavor you miss having. Someone else also wrote that a coffee/ice cream shop Higher Grounds that is located in Cloudcroft's downtown area carries Superman ice cream. I am not sure if you're willing to drive that far for a scoop but if you're ever in the Cloudcroft area you know.

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