The church was established in 1893 and has seen zillions of marriages, baptisms, funerals, church services, students, and more.

Restore Sacred Heart Church is proud to announce plans to restore the historic and iconic Sacred Heart Church. One of the most recognizable and beautiful buildings in the Segundo Barrio, Sacred Heart Church has stood the test of time pretty well but it is in need of many repairs and renovations.

According to the Restore Sacred Heart Facebook page, the various parts of the building range from 91 to 127 years of age so you can just imagine how much work there is to be done. Volunteers are ready to do that work and a committee is in place to oversee it but, financial support is needed. According to the groups' Facebook page:

Our all-volunteer group will apply for the necessary grants and tax credits, raise funds from the community, and oversee the restoration, from the solicitation of architectural bids through the completion of all work.
The Executive Committee is co-chaired by Father Rafael Garcia, S. J., the parish’s pastor, and Dr. Max Grossman and includes Bishop Mark Seitz, Church leaders, elected representatives, and professionals specializing in architectural history, historic preservation, and related fields.

The brains are there, the ability is there and the prayers are certainly there but ... even when it comes to faith, love, and history ... money talks. If you would like to donate to or otherwise help this cause, you can donate here and you can learn more about the project here.

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