It seems like setting up a Go Fund Me account has been trending lately. Usually, it's available to help families when surgery is needed or help with funeral costs. But some people are using it to either rally a Trump baby blimp or personal needs. I am not throwing any shade on those who use it for personal needs. A friend of mine set up a Go Fund Me account for a video game that cost over $50 bucks. His reason behind it is pretty logical which was his wife didn't want to pay that much for the game. If we can raise money for a baby blimp of Trump, we can raise money for anything! I listed a few things I would like to see a Go Fund Me account set up for below. Which would out of the three options below would you donate to? Give your two cents below by placing your vote which Go Fund Me you would support.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Bring back the Cheese from Chico's Tacos

    We clearly can't get over how Chico's Tacos betrayed us. They got rid of one of the main ingredients that made the dish exquisite. I believe Chico's Tacos would make an exception to serve an order for a whole day if money was raised. I can just imagine how much money would be raised to bring back the cheese!

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Bring back the Wyler Aerial Tramway

    Last year in September the announcement about Wyler Aerial Tramway closing really hit El Pasoans. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I am so lucky a special someone took me there before they closed. It was my first and last visit when I got to go up to the top. Wyler Aerial Tramway had quite the list of visitors from and outside of El Paso.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Bring back the Deftones

    The last time the Deftones performed in El Paso, Texas was July 18, 2014! In my opinion, I believe it has been way overdue since they've performed here. If you agree, would you be down to set up a Go Fund Me account for a concert like this?!