Donald Trump had the nerve to return to Texas for a rally even though he still owes the city of El Paso $500,000.

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There's no specific word in the dictionary, and believe me, I checked, that specifically refers to someone who refuses to pay their debts.

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The closest word I got to was 'deadbeat' which means someone who's idle feckless or disreputable, which in this case I think also applies.

Just before Donald Trump's rally in Houston this past weekend, and as he continues to campaign for himself in the prelude to the 2024 election, the Houston Chronicle reminded the world about this deadbeats pension for skipping out on debts.

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In 2019, while campaigning for reelection as president, Donald Trump organized a rally in El Paso, Texas to coincide with Beto O'Rourke rally, who's a former U.S Congressman and perennial political candidate from Texas.

While both rallies incurred expenses from the city, such as security, it seems Beto O'Rourke paid his bills, but the former president, and perennial deadbeat, has not.

“It shows a lack of concern for the community and the taxpaying voters of El Paso,” city council Rep. Alexsandra Annello told the El Paso Times last year.

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El Pasoans taxpayer money was used to pay for police, transportation, emergency, and traffic services for the president of the United States to visit us and he refuses to pay.

Just look at these headlines:

Heading to Texas, Trump still owes El Paso $500k for 2019 rally

Houston Chronicle

Texas Newspaper Calls Out Trump For Stiffing El Paso For Old Rally Expenses


Trump STILL Hasn’t Paid $500,000 Rally Bill From 2019, El Paso Says

Daily Beast

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