Some of us have heard about Geocaching years ago and enjoyed going on scavenger hunts to find all sorts of treasures. If you have used the Geocache app in El Paso then you know there are all sorts of places with hidden little knick-knacks strangers have left for others to find. El Paso is full of little surprises in every part of town you can think of.

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The only way to find out exactly where you can find the items that once belonged to someone else is with the Geocache app. For example, the app helps you somewhat narrow down where the secret hidden spot is.

According to Rita A., there is a hidden treasure that sits above Scenic Drive near the star on the mountain. Rita A. had shared about the hidden Geocache on the Hiking El Paso (and other Outdoor stuff) Facebook page. Now if you try to pinpoint the exact location on the app, don't bother trying to look for it.

I am assuming since it is near the star on the mountain that the hidden treasure is certainly off-limits. Which can probably explain why the smiley face doesn't appear on Scenic Drive as it does at other locations.

Trust me, I already tried and it doesn't show the smiley face on Scenic Drive as it does for other hidden treasures in the area. But how I found out about it was through the Hiking El Paso (and other outdoor stuff) Facebook group. But I am certainly curious as to what is in the treasure box sitting atop Scenic Drive near the star on the mountain.

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