After a couple months the wait is almost over! The return of the living dead and the madness of an apocalyptic zombie paradise has awoken. Can Rick and the other's conquer their worst fear yet?

Yes, I almost never root for the bad guy but when his name is Negan leader of the "Saviors" my father from another mother, well. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is the man behind the bat named after his dead wife "Lucille" (see picture above). With an attitude not to mess with and extremely sharp tongue to boot, he is very likeable. Reminds me of myself when push has come to shove sometimes "brutal honesty" is the only policy. I love the fact Negan is a stickler for following the rules. They are there for a reason and a purpose otherwise face the wrath a sweet tune from Lucille!

Below is a video from my favorite, good/bad guy and some of his famous moments to date. So sit back get ready for the baddest man to ever swing a baseball bat! My friends I give you Negan! *WARNING* VERY GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!!