A group of muscular men who are known as the heavy hitters visited El Paso and recorded their great time here! The heavy hitters are the creators of Strength Cartel which is a well-known brand based out of California.

Big Boy, which is one of the Strength Cartel and a Heavy Hitter member got their whole adventure on camera. After these guys finished with the usual business they wanted to venture out and explore El Paso. They fulfilled their routine before a usual night out with their crew. The Heavy Hitters made sure to take care of personal business such as getting a fresh cut. Soon after their cut, the California dudes decided to grub out at Whataburger. After a long day of exploring El Paso, they were looking forward to their guys night out to turn up. They were also curious about how the nightlife in El Paso can be. You can definitely assume the Heavy Hitters were hit hard by the kind of nightlife El Paso's got.

Their journey in El Paso shows you what it's like to roll with the big boys!

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