Are you a huge Rick and Morty fan? You better be ready to check out the "Rickmobile" when it comes to El Paso!

Wubba lubba dub dub!

Rick and Morty is a huge cult favorite cartoon from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Now, the show has their one-of-a-kind, unique "Rickmobile" rolling across the U.S. with a stop right here in El Paso!

The Don't Even Trip Road Trip is crossing the country and visiting 40 different cities starting in May and ending in October. On Saturday, September 9th the Rickmobile will be coming to El Paso. No exact location has been announced yet but fans are still really excitedto check out the Rickmobile. The vehicle not only looks pretty sweet, it also will be selling exclusive Rick and Morty merchandise for people to buy. No word yet on what exclusives you can get but knowing Rick and Morty, you know they'll be good.

The newest season of Rick and Morty will be premiering later this summer. You can also follow the Rickmobile on Instagram. No word on whether there will also be exclusive Szechuan sauce you can get too.

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