It is true what they say, that seeing is believing! Cory and Jennifer Heinzen bought the real-life conjuring house and intend to open it to the public. The movie The Conjuring was inspired by the actual haunted house. The Heinzen's bought the house with plans of fixing it up and later opening it for the public to see. They will also tell the history behind the house and welcome visitors and paranormal investigators to check it out.

Cory and Jennifer Heinzen

I reached out to Cory Heinzen asking for a picture to show you of the actual house. Above is a picture of the actual haunted house that the horror flick is based on. There will be special guests visiting the conjuring house this Halloween! The Ghost Adventures team will be filming a two hour special on the house on Halloween. Zak Bagans mentioned he's visited creepy locations but this is on a completely different scale. If you do plan on going with others who aren't a fan of haunted places, they can always admire the view. The Heinzen's mentioned the view the house has is quite serene. Later this year they plan on having the house open to the public for all to see for themselves. Can we say road trip?!